One/Both Side (1-50)A4 per page10
One/Both (50-300)A4 per page5
One/Both (300-500)A4 per page4.5
One/Both (>500)A4 per page4
Color Photocopy (One Side)A4 per page20
Color Photocopy (Both Side)A4 per page30
Color PrintA4 per page30
One/Both Side (1-50)A4 per page5
One/Both Side (>50)A4 per page3
ColorA4 per page20
3Scan ColorA4 per page15
4PP Size Urgent Print (HQ)8 pcs100
PP Size & Photo editing Urgent Print (HQ)8 pcs150
HardA4 per page30
License, Admit Card etcHalf A420
EnglishA4 per page40
NepaliA4 per page50
Editing Per Page (condition apply)A4 per page20
General Email without attached30
Email Download & PrintA4 per page20
SendA4 per page10
ReceivedA4 per page15
9Flex Print
General without designper sq.ft.40
General without design (Photo Quality)per sq.ft.50
General with designper sq.ft.50
General with design (Photo Quality)per sq.ft.60
10Computer Maintenance
OS Installation, Drive Partation, Backups1000
OS Installation500
Software Installation & Updates200
Driver Installation200
General (Small Size upto 50 pg)30
General (Medium Size upto 50-100 pg)40
Spiral Binding (Small Size)30
General (Medium Size upto 50-100 pg)60
12SIM (NTC/NCell)100
13Balance Transfer / Recharge (NTC/NCell)
14Online Payment (Internet, Electcity, Diskhome etc)

*Condition Apply

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